Thursday, October 25, 2007


The nearest town to the house we rented was Golden.

Established initially as a basecamp for construction workers of the Canadian Pacific Railway in the early 1880's a neighbouring basecamp staged a hoax 'find' of some silver, and named themselves Silver City. Not wanting to be outdone this basecamp a few years later in 1883 renamed themselved Golden City. They renamed themselves once again this time 'Golden' in the 1950's when they realised 'City' was probably a bit optimistic. Nonetheless, Golden now survives as a relatively bustling mountain town and there's nothing left to be found of the original Silver City.

These days Golden serves as a useful tourist stop, mammouth railway depot, river crossing and junction of the East-West TransCanada Hwy and the North-South Hwy 95.

At the bottom of the photo you can see some CPR Railway sidings and just beyond the glacial blue of Columbia River.

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Anne&Ian said...

When we passed thru' Golden on the Rocky Mountaineer we were just starting our second load of breakfast so probably didn't pay as much attention to the scenery as we should have. Also we had rather less good weather.

We really enjoy your blogs - keep it going.