Friday, October 09, 2009

Dog Mountain - Sept 2009

A week or two ago the weather was forecast to be good so Mojo and I headed onto Dog Mountain on Seymour Provincial Park.

Lots of sunlight through the forest

Mojo sitting to attention, while still nice and clean.

Arriving at First Lake.

A cabin is perched on the bluff above the lake

Down beside First Lake.

A brief panorama of First Lake. It was beautifully peaceful & quiet (with the exception of Mojos annoying bear bell).

Up on the mountain it was a glorious, blue-sky day

Mojo managed to get really mucky racing around First Lake and some of the trail was wet as we had quite a lot of rainfall in a few of the days preceeding our walk.

Once up on Dog Mountain we discovered that the lower elevations had become very hazy and cloudy. Very little of the city can be seen

However, the higher level views West & North over Grouse and surrounding peaks were beautiful and clear

A zoomed in view of the new wind-turbine & observation tower being constructed on the top of Grouse Mountain. Since this photo was taken they have now completed the tower, added the viewing pod and the blades for the turbine.

More views of the surrounding peaks

A very hazy glimpse of Lower Lonsdale comes into view

You can just make out the silhouette of Mt Baker

Finally another view at the views to the North and we head back down through the forest to the car.

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