Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pitt Lake & Grant Narrows Regional Park

Last week Mojo and I explored a new area to us alongside the south end of Pitt Lake in Pitt Meadows. There is a long dyke running along the southside of the lake which connects up with a number of other gravel top dykes south of the lake which form the Grant Narrows Regional Park.

Views across the farmland in Pitt Meadows approaching the lake.

This is where the Pitt River leads off from the south end of the lake. Views here from the end of the lake / beginning of the river and looking up the lake, which is in total 25kms long.

Looking West down the River.

There are a number of privately owned cabins further up the lake accessed only by boat and a number of small craft passed us on the walk

Looking South over Grant Narrows Regional Park.

The flat gravel top dykes make easy walking

The view North across the lake opens up.

And a panorama of the lake and park. Aside from the quiet humm of a jet overhead on it's way to YVR, there's no other noise. The park is quite a long way from major roads.

While the lake does get deep in the middle (I believe 140m at its deepest point) the edges are very shallow. Mojo here running in to fetch a stick and barely getting his belly wet !

Mojo posing on the walk

As well as the motorboats on the lake there were a couple of people using a slower method of travel

There were a number of observation towers as we were walking in a protected wildlife habitat, the towers enable you to see further as well a into the tree canopys for bird watching

Looking East from an observation tower

Nearby peaks on the edge of Goldern Ears Provincial Park

Boat ramps

The Pitt River continues in a south westerly route away from the lake, before eventually joining the Fraser River and into the Pacific Ocean

More views of the Pitt River

Finally a panorama of the Pitt River, south west of the lake.

It was a terrific and easy walk which beautiful scenery was greatly enhanced by the great weather.

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