Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sheena Easton

On 25th September we went to see Sheena Easton at the River Rock Casino in Richmond. I was somewhat uncertain that this was a very good idea, but was veto'd by David after I wouldn't let us go to a show she was performing in Las Vegas a few years back.

I was pehaps sceptical more due to ignorance as I couldn't really name any music I knew of hers I was just under the impression she produced bad '80's pop rubbish. Well, actually yes she does produce some of that but she is also quite a strong female vocal performer who kicks out some reasonable slower ballad and folk numbers too.

The other great aspect of her show was that it was in the small River Rock Theatre so we were in row 'K', just 11 rows back which made it an intimate environment, great acoustics and you could clearly see and hear her both when performing and talking.

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