Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinners

A couple of weeks ago it was Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. Thanksgiving here is on a Monday, perhaps a little more practically than the Thursday it falls on in the US, so typically it turns into a big holiday weekend, usually the last chance for families to get together or away for a break before Christmas.

We enjoyed two dinners with friends over the weekend. On the Sunday we had Sig & Helen and the kids, plus their father Bill over to ours. We initially met up in the park and walked the dogs (they brought their black lab Buddy over) so the four-legged ones could burn up some energy and we could burn off a few calories in readiness for putting them back on !

David had already prepared the veg and the chicken and potatoes were in the oven before we went out so once back in the house half and hour of slaving in the kitchen by David and dinner was ready. Rather than a traditional Canadian thanksgiving dinner we prepared a good traditional English roast. Chickens, carrotts, peas, brocolli, cauliflower, roast parsnip and everyones favourite - roast potatoes. We even had Paxo sage & onion stuffing mix we found in a British import food shop.

Desert was made simply and do-it-yourself as we put together a chocolate fondue. Sig & Helen had brought loads of cut-up fruit, cream puffs and we already had some marshmallows so it might not have been the healthiest desert but it was definately good.

We have no idea where Bas managed to tuck so much desert away. Underneath the choclate dip & skor pieces there's a piece of fruit....honest.

Bill and Max enjoying desert

Bella & Sig pretending to be healthy and only eat the fruit

Max, Helen and Bas on the sofa with Buddy. We had been unsure how well Mojo would react to Buddy being in the house with him because although he's great out on walks with other dogs we've not had another dog in the house with him before. However,. Mojo was great, infact all he wanted to do with Buddy in the house was play with him.......continually.......which if anything just annoyed Buddy. Then again Buddy is a mature 5yr old rather than a sprightly 8mth old puppy.

The next day we were invited over to Deb & Bobs condo for a traditional Canadian Thanksgiving dinner, and a good-bye party as they were heading off the following day on a long sailing holiday around Australia.
This was more typical of a Canadian Thanksgiving meal with roast turkey, large salad, roast vegetables, mashed potatoes and candied yams.

All in all a fun weekend, a great practise run for Christmas !

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