Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lighthouse Park, Oct 2009

A couple of weeks ago we revisited Lighthouse Park for a walk. It had been a good year or so since I had last been and of course Mojos first visit.

The forecast had been for the day to be bright and sunny but unfortunately it turned out to be more bright and overcast so not a great day in the end for photos, but there are a few here from our walk.

Views of a tanker anchored offshore

Looking back towards the city, on the skyline from left to right the Lions Gate Bridge, Stanley Park and Downtown.

Then a panorama view from Eagle Point. The background noise is the very noisy tanker offshore.

Then we saw a seal swimming in the water, not a great photo but you can just see it's head above the waterline

Views along the coastline of Lighthouse Park

Looking back at waterfront houses in West Vancouver

Mojo, king of the rock....and no, we haven't 'Photoshopped' his tongue, it really is huge !

More coastline views

Starboat Cove

We walked past the actual lighthouse without stopping as it was really busy and onto West Beach where we were treated to this view of a seal sat on a rock just offshore. It keeps looking down into the water, presumably hunting for fish.

Views of Passage Island (small) and Bowen Island (big island in the background)

Closer view of Passage Island

The Coastal Renaissance ferry returning from Vancouver Island heading for Hoseshoe Bay

Another panorama view, I think this one was from Shore Pine Point.

These views from Juniper Point looking across Howe Sound

And zoomed in on the Bowen Island ferry.

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