Thursday, July 22, 2010

Buntzen Lake & Ambleside Dog Beach

The next two interesting walks with Mojo were at Buntzen Lake in Anmore and the dog beach behind Park Royal Mall.  Thanks again Mum for these photos.

Buntzen has a large beach at the south end, the majority of which is dog-free but a section is designed off-leash for dogs. 

Mojo is straight in the water but cautious about getting in too deep to begin with.  He’s not as brave as the ‘dot’ on the water in the distance…..that’s a golden labrador fetching a ball


Soon enough though he’s belly deep and swimming.


We then start along the trail towards the much quieter North Beach.  There are numerous bridges over creeks, although many of them have dried up over the summer season.


Although the trail hugs the side of the lake it is still in trees which offer a welcome respite from the hot sun.


We stop for lunch at the North Beach.


Views south down the lake from North Beach.


There is a small suspension bridge in the North West corner of the lake.

IMG_0244 Views from the bridge to the North.


On the way back Mojo takes every opportunity to cool off and swim.  Here, he’s found a huge stick to fetch.



“Paw’s off this is my stick !”


The next day we have some errands to run at Park Royal so we take Mojo to the dog beach behind.

Views here of the Lions Gate Bridge from the beach.


What a surprise……more swimming !


Views North across the beach.


Views North East up the mouth of the Capilano River.


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