Sunday, July 04, 2010

Whistler 2010

Adrian’s Mum & Dad are here to visit so we arranged to meet them in Whistler as they were arriving in the town on the Rocky Mountaineer from Jasper.

We rented a house in a small subdivision about 5-10 minutes south of the town called Pinecrest Estates.

This is a view of the back of the house, as it overlooks a small ravine.


Inside there was a large and comfortable living room with high ceilings and lots of windows.

IMG_1707 IMG_1708 The dining area was also ample big enough for us.


In the main living room the sofas were big and comfy.

IMG_1714 However, throughout the house there was a really odd assortment of personal belongings that had been collected by the owner over the years.  Everything from old tools to a genuine sheepskin hung on one of the walls.  Some of the items were useful though including these antlers which made great clothes airers.

IMG_1901 Mojo quickly learned that the forest backdrop to the house was a terrific source of wildlife to watch and if no-ones looking, chase. 

IMG_1716 Amongst the wildlife we saw from the house included a couple of raccoons who came to visit on the first night.  They happily tucked into the the seed on the birdtables.



There was a big two-tier deck with a huge hot-tub to sit back and enjoy the views.  Mojo chilling on the deck, hoping for a squirrel to chase.


There were numerous birds in the area including chickadees, cowbirds, robins and lots of these stellar’s jays

IMG_1916 IMG_1929

Video of the stellar’s jay feeding

There were also lots of squirrels and chipmunks

IMG_1936 While they were much to quick to photograph very well there were also a number of hummingbirds.



The subdivision that the house was located on was situated around a couple of small lakes with lots of green areas, beaches and playgrounds.

These lilies were growing at one end of Pinecrest Lake.



Views across Pinecrest Lake.


The Whistler-Squamish railway line and Back Lake.


One of the beaches on Pinecrest Lake.  It’s hard to imagine that this becomes an ice-skating rink during the winter !


The railway line that ran along the perimeter of the development also ran along the bottom of the ravine behind the house we rented.

IMG_1973 It wasn’t a busy railway line, perhaps one or two goods trains at night was about all.

During the day the Rocky Mountaineer would pass twice, once on it’s way to Whistler from North Vancouver during the morning and then back again during the afternoon.

Here the view of the train passing from the back of the house.

Although quirky, all in all it was a very comfortable place to stay.


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Powell River Books said...

A nice spot. At least the trains were minimal. From the outside it looked a lot smaller. All in all a pretty good find of a place to stay. - Margy