Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spanish Banks Beach & Queen Elizabeth Park

On another day while Mum and Dad were visiting we headed over to Vancouver’s Westside to stroll on the beach.

However, the day started with a stand-off between Mojo and one of the resident squirrels in the tree in our backyard.

He is not aggressive he just wants to chase and play with it but the squirrel definitely does not get the game.  Mojo seen here looking up the tree at the squirrel which is on the trunk near the top of the photo.

IMG_2004 A piece of video of Mojo trying to entice the squirrel down, but doing exactly the opposite.

We head off to Spanish Banks Beach.  We had particularly decided to go there as there was going to be an unusually low tide so there would be loads of sandy beach to walk on – and it’s off leash dog friendly.

The day started overcast but was still very warm and indeed by lunchtime most of the clouds had burnt off.

View towards the city across the beach.


The next couple of pictures were taken by Mum.  A heron in a pool of water.

IMG_0271 - Copy

We gave up our shoes and splash through the lovely warm water.


David took this photo of me, Mojo, Mum and Dad


Mum took these great photos of Mojo charging through the water



And back again…..


The Burrard inlet has such large flat sandy shelves it seems impossible it can get deep enough for the huge tankers.


After lunch we head over to an excellent bird shop on Oak St to buy a couple of new hummingbird feeders.  Once we’re done there we realise we are close to Queen Elizabeth Park so head up to take a look around.  It is a very formal park with a restaurant and large conservatory.

This is Seasons in the Park the restaurant.


A flower bed grown into the maple leaf flag design.


The park is elevated and has terrific views over downtown with the North Shore mountains behind.


A tourist makes a beeline for Mojo, doting on him. She didn’t appear to know a word of English but soon grasped ‘sit’ so she could fuss him.

IMG_2023 Far, far away Mojo will one day appear in someone’s photo album !


A wide view over the city.


There is a statue of two tourist couples, one of them taking a photo of the other three.


But look around the back and one of the husbands has his hand on the backside of the other guys wife !

IMG_2029 There are also large beautiful formal gardens


And finally the Bloedel Conservatory which was threatened with closure during the recession but has just been given the green light to stay open.


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