Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pitt Lake and Wildlife Reserve

On a hot and sunny day we decided to head over to Pitt Lake and the adjacent wildlife reserve.  This would give us a different walk to do and some opportunities for Mojo to cool off in the river and lake.

Once again, thank you Mum for providing these pictures.

We park the car close to the boat launches.


We head off along Nature Dyke, views here to the south over the Marsh.


We see a couple of herons

IMG_0143 - Copy

Looking West across the marshland towards Pinecone Burke Provincial Park.


This view North from Nature Dyke across one of the many large ponds that form the marsh.


Soon we reach an observation tower.  There are three of these towers in the park which enable you to get an more elevated view as well as being covered and less visible to wildlife, giving you a better chance of seeing things.


From the observation tower the view to the South-East.


Looking West the line of trees marking the trail we had taken here.


The view North West.


The view North from the observation tower takes you over the remainder of the marsh towards Pitt Lake.


Mojo was always the first to race to the top of the observation towers.

IMG_0162 - Copy

Peaks in the Pinecone Burke Provincial Park.


The trail continues ahead of us.


Lily-filled ponds through the north end of the marsh.


The trail then winds north along the mountainside, Mojo showing us the way.  It was a lovely peaceful setting away from busy roads, with water and wildlife all around and surrounded by beautiful mountains.


Marshland continues north up until the Pitt River dyke.


Ducks on the ponds.


Mojo watches the ducks and other wildlife suspiciously.


Eventually we meet the Pitt River dyke.  This view North East towards a small headland that juts out into the lake.


From the Pitt River dyke we get great views North up Pitt Lake.


Mojo quickly hits the water, waiting for a stick to fetch.

IMG_0189 - Copy

Pitt Lake is the worlds second largest tidal freshwater lake.  At the time of our walk the tide was out so while there isn’t a huge variance there were sandbanks visible which aren’t at high water and the beaches are bigger.


Looking North East at the trail behind us.


We saw this falcon with young nesting on top of a post in the Pitt River.

IMG_0197 - Copy

Dad, Mojo and I.


Mojo waiting for the command to get into the lake (again).


Once given he’s in in a flash.


Looking back at the view behind us towards Golden Ears Provincial Park.


This was the view south across the marshland from the rivers edge, just a mass of lilies.  This must be a superb view when they are all flowering.


Finally we leave the head of Pitt Lake and follow the edge of Pitt River the short distance back to the parking lot.

A fantastic easy walk with terrific scenery.


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