Friday, July 09, 2010

Whistler & Blackcomb Mountains

While the resort is called Whistler, the actual ski hills are spread over two mountains named Whistler and Blackcomb.  They were totally separate mountains until December 2008 when the resort opened the Peak 2 Peak Gondola connecting the two peaks.

Neither David nor I had actually been up the mountains in Whistler previously and now with the Peak 2 Peak Gondola open it was an added attraction.

This is the base of the Blackcomb Mountain gondola which was actually closed during the quiet early summer season so we were able to go up via the Whistler Mountain gondola and cross onto Blackcomb via the Peak 2 Peak.


Views around Whistler town.


IMG_1743 The flags of British Columbia, Canada and Whistler.

IMG_1747 So we rode the gondola to the top of Whistler Mountain.  David at the top near Roundhouse Lodge.


From the top of Whistler Mountain we took the Peak 2 Peak Gondola across the valley to Blackcomb Mountain. 

The Peak 2 Peak Gondola set two new world records for Gondolas which it still holds today including the longest unsupported span between towers (3.024km / 1.88mi) and the highest point above ground (436m / 1427ft).

Views here from the gondola over Whistler mountain towards the resort.


Views North.


View ahead towards Blackcomb.

IMG_1807 Mum, Dad and myself on the Peak 2 Peak.


Brief video footage on the gondola.

High above the Fitzsimmons Valley entering the long unsuspended section of the route, looking south towards Whistler.


Views North up the valley from high above it.

IMG_1815 Surrounding peaks from the gondola.



Eventually we arrive on Blackcomb Mountain.  Views from this side of the valley and near the Rendezvous Lodge.





We stop for lunch at the top of Blackcomb before taking one of the chairlifts to its terminus and back for a variety of views.

On the chairlift mum, dad and myself.


Views down the chairlift.

IMG_1825 East along the valley.


After a quick turn around at the bottom we once again approach the Blackcomb terminus for the chairlift.  Views here on our way back up.

IMG_1841 Me on Blackcomb.


Once back on Blackcomb we rejoin the Peak 2 Peak to get back to Whistler Mountain for our downward journey.

From the gondola the view south towards Whistler.


One the way back down to the resort from the top of Whistler Mountain we spot two black bears, one which passed us on the ground below too quickly to photograph and the other really too far away…..honestly the black dot in the centre of the clearing in this photo is a bear !


However, we were fully rewarded on our drive back to the house from Whistler meeting this black bear right at the side of the road on the way.



A great day out and fun to enjoy the snow on a sunny day.

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