Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Waterfalls in Whistler & Pemberton

Just a couple of kilometres north of the house we rented was Brandywine Falls.  Although we had all visited Brandywine before as we were passing it each day on our way in and out of Whistler we took another visit there this year.

Brandywine Falls

IMG_1771 The top of the falls


Some video footage of Brandywine Falls.

Views from the lower deck towards the Brandywine River valley and Daisy Lake.

IMG_1789 We took a walk within Brandywine Provincial Park.

IMG_1793 Views of Brandywine Creek before returning to the parking lot.

IMG_1797 We also drove North of Whistler to continue along Highway 99 towards the town of Pemberton.

Shortly before Pemberton these views of the Green River.

IMG_1938 We then visited Nairn Falls Provincial Park.  To get to the falls is a 1.5km walk alongside the Green River.

IMG_1941 This is the upper section of Nairn Falls.

IMG_1945Green River blasts its way through the canyon having shaped interesting rock formations over the thousands of years.


Video of the upper falls.

The lower section of Nairn Falls.

IMG_1955Video of the lower section of falls and the continuation of Green River downstream.

Views up and down the river.

IMG_1959 IMG_1963 We continued into the town of Pemberton, views of the station here.


Pemberton is a huge supplier of seed potatoes to growers around North America and has affectionately been nicknamed Spud Valley.


However, even in these small country towns, you can still get a good mocha !


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