Sunday, December 21, 2008

Brrrrrrgh !

It's been a busy run up to Christmas for us, David in particular having had lots of working shifts in the past couple weeks.

Also, while Winter was slow to start with no snow or freezing temperatures in November it has more than made up for it in December !

We have had some exceptionally low temperatures, the photo below taken at -10 while out in the car and nighttime low's in the minus mid teens. The plus side has been lots of lovely sunny days, blue sky and so long as you wrap up well before going out the cold hasn't been a significant problem.

While we planned as well as we could, unfortunately we still had to make a quick trip to a mall yesterday - which was the last Saturday before Christmas. Actually, we had to get to a store in Port Coquitlam and the mall there was generally OK but we also needed to get to Walmart in the Lougheed Mall in Coquitlam and this was the typical level of bedlam you see this time of year.......

Saturday evening we visited Caroline & Geoff in Richmond as they were having a pre-Christmas party. It had not been snowing on our way over there but had started while we were there. The usual 30-40 minute journey became over an hour driving home as traffic had to take it very carefully on the slippery roads, particularly up & down the numerous hills.

This view taken on SW Marine Drive near the airport

And on Highway 1 as we're getting closer to home

We were grateful of the extra traction of the 4x4 in places, particularly up the hill towards home.

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