Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Things We Do For Our Dog

As mentioned in previous posts, Charlie has struggled with the snow this winter, partly because of the sheer amount but also his condition is making him very tired and he just doesn't have the energy to fight his way through deep snow.

The result had been that the only parts of the garden he would walk in was the 2ft nearest to the house that had the least snow, he would simply walk down off the deck do his business and then straight back in again.

So, we decided to clear a channel through the snow in the garden to enable him to get to all his favourite bits.......the pole for the washing line, the tree, the back fence.

I get to work digging our way out from the base of the deck steps

Charlie watching the proceedings

Not sure if he's impressed or not ?

We cleared the first section

David with Charlie once we had made it to the washing line pole. Charlie licking some snow off the end of his nose !

Charlie and the channels through the snow

Finally, a brief clip of Charlie catching snowballs in his newly dug-out garden

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Anonymous said...

We've heard of a 'Bee line' before, presumably this is a 'Pee line ?'