Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowy Sunday

Since our first snow last weekend it has snowed on and off during the week and we have several more snowfalls forecast for the next couple of weeks. Even Downtown is geared up for a 'White Christmas' this year.

Infact, they are predicting that the entire country could have a white christmas this year - a white christmas being defined as having at least 2cms of snow on the ground for the whole 24 hr period. The last time the whole of Canada had one was 1971.

We were due to visit some friends Sig & Helen in Burnaby this afternoon but decided to postpone the visit so as not to make extra journeys. We therefore have just enjoyed a lazy, snowy Sunday,

This photo of the front of the house was actually taken a day or two ago. We have had at least another 20cms of snow on top of this now.

View out of the living room window

The back garden is getting quite deep for Charlie to race around in.

Back of the house

David clearing the driveway

We took a walk in our park.

The creek

More views of the park

The creek from the bridge above the waterfalls

Looking down the waterfalls - not that they're very impressive this time of year with the cold temperatures

Finally, the perfect way to warm up after a morning in the snow.......French Onion soup and a stew in the slow-cooker getting ready for dinner !

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We're jealous!
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