Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve & Boxing Day Snow

Christmas Eve was our 'Christmas Day' this year, so we took the opportunity to webcam with family back in the UK, exchange gifts and have a day at home.

As well as Adrians family we also webcammed with Davids family including his 6 year old niece Annabel.

Annabel with her Hannah Montana umbrella.

After our webcam we got outside, cleared the drive as it snowed heavily on Christmas Eve and took a walk.

At times the ploughs were barely keeping up with the snow settling on the road

We walked through the park with Charlie. Here, the playground is quiet and covered in snow.

Charlie and I in the park.

After our walk we went home, poured drinks (it was definately 6 o'clock somewhere) and exchanged presents. Those who know Charlie know he likes to unwrap presents, whether they are for him or not. He's sure there's something worth opening in this bag, right at the bottom.

Helping David open a gift

By the evening Charlie was having difficulty getting around the garden due to the depth of the snow. He would sink into it right up to his belly and indeed the depth of snow was actually higher by now than Charlie.

Finally, a couple of photos taken on Boxing Day evening, when it had continued to snow again all day. This is another view of the BBQ that we had taken earlier in the week. It is now almost completely submerged in the white stuff.

The snow on the patio is now above the top of the wall running around the edge of the grass.

And on the deck it is up to the height of the table. Only a few more cms and it would have reached the top of the railings. We were glad our deck is a well-built metal frame one to hold all this weight !

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