Monday, December 01, 2008

Lynn Headwaters at the end of October

This was a walk I did back at the end of October. I recently realised that after the sudden developments with Charlie I had forgotten to post the photos, so here they are.

It is a walk we have done many many times before, but this was such a beautiful, clear blue sky fall day that I decided to take the camera. It was one of those days that in the shade was chilly, but sit for a few minutes in the sun and you're toasty warm.

The views from the bridge just beyond the main parking lot at Lynn Headwaters. As I write this post (Dec 1st 08) this river is now raging having had several days of heavy rain. However, back in October it was moderate.

Views around the park

The moon was visible

Mr C awaiting instructions - run ? swim ? drink ?

More views around the park

Charlie, again

Important stick retrieval

Then I was able to use stepping stones to get across to a big rock in the middle of the creek and sit in the sun. From there I took a few photos of the creek itself. This one looking upstream.

The water was just so beautiful, crystal clear

However, after a few minutes Charlie started 'singing' - anybody who knows Charlies knows what I mean by this - he was bored and wanted the stick throwing or SOMETHING. Sitting in the lovely warm sun is no fun at all when you're a dog.

Finally, a few more views around the park, before we headed home.

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