Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Walk in Bridgeman Park

Earlier this month Charlie and I took a walk at Bridgeman Park. We hadn't been there for about 18 months but I remembered it was flat and easy walking and perfectly meets the new needs of Charlie.

The day started with our neighbourhood deep in cloud.

The red berries on the bushes in the front garden added a festive touch

Once parked, you have to walk under two (very scary in Charlies opinion) bridges. The first takes you under Keith Road

And the second adjacent bridge is even noisier (read scarier) and takes you under Highway 1.

We were prepared to meets lots of people as this park is close to the urban areas of North Vancouver and is also a 'Commericial Dog Walking Park'.

However, the trails were surprisingly quiet, perhaps because of the weather.

Charlie enjoying his easy walk

The trail takes you initially up the West side of Lynn Creek and then crosses the river and continues on the Eastern side. These are the views up and down the river from the bridge where you cross.

Charlie quite happy to cross this bridge as you can't see through it and it doesn't sway

The trail beyond the bridge. Still it continues flat and easy to walk on.

Ultimately the trails connect up with Lynn Canyon and then Lynn Headwaters but we turned around after about a 20 minute walk, giving us about 40 minutes in total. Finally a photo of Charlie taken from my Blackberry just after we turned around and headed back to the car.

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