Sunday, December 14, 2008

Feelin' a little more like Christmas

Last night saw our first load of snow for the season. It has been somewhat long-awaited as the ski-hills were all expected to be fully open by now but they too have only just received their first snow.

We didn't receive a huge amount but enough to make everything white and with temperatures forecast well below freezing for the next few days it should stick around.

So it makes us feel a little more like Christmas must be on its way (kind of crept up on us this year), so here are a few festive pics of things we have done so far.

The house with a dusting of snow, enough to cover most of the Christmas lights !

Enough white stuff for Charlie to be delighted with though

And stick his head in to......

Andrea and I putting up the tree

The finished product

The living room looking more festive and our newly purchased rug which Charlie is kindly demonstrating a great use for

Finally, another pic of Charlie lounging in front of the fire (keeping his bare belly warm) on the comfy rug

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