Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter Walk on Monday

Yesterday we had a couple hours free in the afternoon, after doing the Christmas supermarket shop, to take a walk. We headed out to our usual local haunt Lynn Headwaters.

The short drive to the park was as spectacular as anything. These views are along Dempsey Rd in Lynn Valley.

This view is across rooftops towards Burnaby Mountain and Simon Fraser University.

More views along Dempsey Rd as we approached the turn for Lynn Headwaters.

The road into Headwaters was very slushy on packed snow. Unfortunately I had the minivan that day as David was at work so while the centre of the road was quite passable in many places there weren't really two useable lanes so we hoped we wouldn't meet anybody in the opposite direction.
Somebody had already come off the road, this Hyundai Santa Fe had slid into a ditch.

However, we made it to the parking lot safely. These are the views across the flat green infront of the Rangers offices and across the bridge.

Mr C

Views up Lynn Creek from the bridge

Panorama movie shot of Lynn Creek, green and picnic area

More views of the creek

The combination of snowy weather, weekday & close to Christmas meant not many people were out on the trails. Infact, we pretty much had them to ourselves.

More views of the creek

Quick panorama of Mr C and the trail

It was mid afternoon at the time of our walk, perhaps 3pm or so. There wasn't a lot of sun in the park as it was already going down, but it did just catch this peak.

Once back home we took a couple of photos around the garden. This one across the patio showing how much snow still sits on the grass.

There's a BBQ and plant under here somewhere !

Charlie isn't quite as playful in the snow these days, a combination of age, his condition, the very cold termperatures plus he's just got back from a walk. He also finds it tough navigating in the snow and particularly in the back garden finds it rubs against his areas of shaved belly and he quite soon comes in shivering !

Finally, a photo of our tree, looking good in a little evening sun and clear sky.

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